What Is Ooga All About?

OOGA is about community, living life and a great drink. We don’t have visions of becoming a large brewery, instead we prefer to stay small and local. We brew and serve on-site with limited distribution and are self distributed.

We work with local businesses to create unique collaborative brews and our guest taps always represent Wisconsin.


Expect a quiet atmosphere where you can meet friends and make new ones. We do occasionally have live, local performances but the music is never too loud. Need a relaxing, low-key place to do some “work after work”? You’ll fit right in.

While we do not serve more than some basic snacks, we highly encourage you to order in food from our local friends.


Our local community is important to us. Everything from our brewing equipment to our ingredients are local. We’re heavily involved in our community and revitalizing the downtown area.

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Meet The People Behind The Beer

Head Brewer Jeff Scanlan

I think I always had a love of great beer. It started as a child. I recall seeing paintings and murals of 18th century taverns where people caroused and gathered, hoisting frothy mugs of beers. They seemed so happy, and the beers they were drinking, often dark beers, looked rich and delicious.

In 1992, I asked my Father for a homebrew kit from a local hobby store. This was before the age of the internet, where learning to brew meant possibly making a huge mess in the kitchen with a pot boiling over with wort, and fermenting in a plastic bucket, and learning from a book, “The Complete Joy of Homebrewing” by Charlie Papazian. I still recall my first beer, an Amber Ale. The smell of boiled wort, hops, and fermentation was magical. I was hooked.

Many (many) brews later, I found great friends in brew clubs like the ALE Club (Appleton Libation Enthusiasts) or the SOBs (Society of Oshkosh Brewers). I joined the ales and honed my craft under grizzled vets of brewing.

I have been lucky enough to travel abroad to drink in the bier-halls of Germany, the oldest pubs of England, and the cozy, music-filled pubs of Scotland and Ireland.

In 2007, I started the Sun Prairie Wort Hogs, with the goal of fostering the craft of quality homebrewing. I am pleased to say the club thrives today. If you are in the area, and you want to learn how to brew better beer, that is the club to join.

Like many, I felt the itch to attempt my hand at professional brewing. I attempted to open a brewery in Sun Prairie. I learned a lot of good lessons with the process, and it was a difficult journey, but alas, that was not in the cards for me. That experience, and connections I had made, led me to Ruth and Jim Metz. They had a vision of a craft brewery for the people of Beaver Dam. They gave me the opportunity to transition from a passionate homebrewer to a full time professional brewer. It is a wild ride for sure.

Asst. Brewer Sarah Ferree

Sarah Ferree is a Beaver Dam, WI native. She married her husband Frank in 2005 and they are the proud parents of two great kids, Owen and Addie.

Sarah was bitten by the homebrewing bug when her Dad gave her the brewing equipment her brother had left behind when he moved to England. Starting out brewing on the kitchen stove with extract kits she quickly decided to invest in a kegerator and an all grain brewing set up… after all it didn’t cost that much more than her husband’s golf clubs.

She was proud to stay at home with her kids for the last nine years but is ready to get back to work.

Sarah is grateful for the opportunity to brew as a professional for Ooga Brewing Company and looks forward to learning more about the craft from Head Brewer Jeff Scanlan.

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