Patrick Shea

August 2019

Artist Statement

Drawing and Painting the natural world is a calling for me that has been lifelong and sincere. “The essence of my work is to celebrate the beauty of God’s creatures and how they relate to their environment.”

“Where the Spirit does not work with the hand, there is no Art”

Leonardo Da Vinci

Personal Info

With dozens of relatives from Beaver Dam to Fond du Lac, I am honored to exhibit at Ooga Brewery — Thank you.

Growing up the son of a zookeeper at Vilas Zoo, the care and respect of Nature was imprinted on me at an early age; it has remained one of my core beliefs.

I live in Madison where I work in the Orthotics/Prosthetics department of the  University of Wisconsin Hospital.

Previous Artists

Dakota Moreau

July 2020

My name is Dakota Moreau. I was born and raised in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. I graduated high school in 2012 which makes me 26 years old. I currently work full time for the Railroad as a Foreman. I took a leave of absence in 2018 to follow the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Circuit as one of their equipment operators for the summer. Fast forward to the end of 2018, I bought my first drone, and I was instantly hooked. Being able to see everything from a different perspective was amazing. I learned pretty quickly how to fly it and about the capabilities of its camera. I started taking photos of surrounding cities and different landscapes. People started to show interest in my work. On Sundays during the summer months I would volunteer my time to take video of the Beaver Land Must Skis. By the end of August one summer, a few of the skiers tagged me in a post on Facebook asking for a drone pilot to come up to Shawano to video record a world record attempt. On September 8th, 2019 I got to be 1 of the 2 drone pilots to film a world record of 38 barefoot skiers behind a single boat. As of today my footage has over 2 million views on YouTube! Since then, I have done weddings, races, charity rides, and real estate shoots!

Dakota Moreau – July 2020

Artist of the Month: You!

February 2020

OOGA’s February Artist of the Month is YOU!

Join the “I ❤️ BD” movement at OOGA! Grab a marker and tell us why you love Beaver Dam!

This is your chance to get a little crazy! Add some art, pictures, or anything that tells us why you love Beaver Dam!

Come down to OOGA and join in!

I Love BD – February 2020

Luke Tschumperlin

January 2020

Since I was young, I remember drawing characters from films. Film has been a main source of inspiration for my creativity and drawing passion. I started to take my art seriously around 7th grade. Since then, I have expanded my types of art from just pencil to colored pencil, painting, photography, and creating short films. In 2015, I had the incredible opportunity to visit Pixar Animation Studios. It was a life changing experience and after that, my art just skyrocketed and I drew all the time. I began to create realistic portraits of individuals, and worked more on my photography, and films. I enjoy photographing wildlife and animals throughout nature.

When I am not drawing, I can be found involved in theater, student council, improv, playing ukulele, watching films, and planning trips to the Disney parks. Now being a senior in high school, I continue to draw, paint, photograph, and make short films. I have entered my work in multiple art shows and have won numerous awards with my pieces.

With my college future vastly approaching, I plan to study Digital Cinema, Computer Arts, or Entertainment Design. I want to continue to grow as an artist and expand my skill set so that one day I will be a filmmaker for the Disney company so I can create films to inspire generations.

I want to thank Ooga Brewing Company for inviting me to be the artist of the month. I always love to share my art with others to inspire them. You can find more of my creations on my art Instagram and I thank you for taking the time to check out my art!

Instagram: @paintedpup

Luke Tschumperlin – January 2020

Nancy Diemel

December 2019

Thank you, Ooga Brewery, for featuring me as Artist of the Month!

My name is Nancy Diemel and I’m also known as The Sign Ladi. I have recently moved to Beaver Dam and am excited to share my talent and love for art with those in my new community. I began my business making and selling barn board signs approximately 6 years ago after my oldest son showed an interest in creating, repurposing and building. We worked together and before I knew it our hobby had turned into a pretty amazing little business. As time went by, football and high school started to take priority in his life and I found my work was an excellent source to help me stay busy!

Not only do I design and build custom creations for my customers, but I am also here to share my passion with them as well. I found that painting and creating were good for my soul. I wanted others to feel that same excitement. About 3 years ago, after overcoming some fear of being in front of groups, I began teaching classes. Each class is different, filled with a variety of customers at all different levels. I love watching someone master a painting technique and I especially enjoy reassuring the ones that struggle to find the artist that lies within us all. The joy I witness when customers stand back and look at their creation is indescribable.

When I’m not running my business, I’m a mom to 3 wonderful boys: Dayton, a senior at Wake Forest University; Dakota, an 8th grader at Beaver Dam Middle School; and Daxton, a 3rd grader at Jefferson Elementary and a wife to my super supportive husband, Dave. We have enjoyed becoming involved in our new community and are excited for the new adventures that are ahead of us!

You can find The Sign Ladi custom creations in homes all over the U.S. I have held classes all over Wisconsin and Indiana and am excited to add Beaver Dam to my list! For examples of my work and to stay up to date on events be sure to follow The Sign Ladi on Facebook.

Nancy Diemel – December 2019

Dave Austin

November 2019

My name is Dave Austin and I have been oil painting since 1968. I’m from Delavan, Wisconsin and I graduated from University of Wisconsin Stout with a degree in Art Education with a concentration in painting and drawing.

For 33 years I was the 1-12 Art teacher at Randolph Schools. I now live in Beaver Dam.

I have always drawn and painted in a realist style maybe because of my dad’s influence as he was a professional photographer. Over the years my subjects have included wildlife, my 5 grand kids, and landscapes.

I love to travel and photograph things that I see and experience. Some of those photos have become subject matter for my paintings.

If you would like to contact me, I can be reached at 920.382.4780.

Dave Austin – November 2019

Beverly Connor

October 2019

There was a lot of drawing during my grade school years in a one-room school house. Then the first oil painting was when at the age of 15 years old, a sophomore at Madison East High School, when my mother gave me oil paints and a Walter Foster “How to Paint” book. During my adult years, art work came into my life as often as possible, working full time and raising a child, then after 16 years, raising another child. My daughter would color on my pastel Arabian horse every night…helping me out. At one period of time, I was able to paint, study and hang paintings with the Kenosha Art Association, full- time for four years. At that time, I sold through craft fairs and commission work. Now that I am retired, I try to paint in some form every day, and never tire of planning the next journey.

  • A Love Story (Pelicans) Acrylic 16×20 — $150 (selling as unframed/no charge for frame)
  • Star Fish #1 Acrylic 11×14 — $75
  • Star Fish #2 Acrylic 11 x14 — 125
  • Flying Geese Acrylic 16×20 — $200
  • Peacock Acrylic 11×14 — $75
  • Moon #1 Acrylic 12×12 — $50
  • A Beautiful Day Acrylic Pallet Knife 16×20 — $150
  • Gifts From God Oil Pallet Knife 16×20 — $175
  • Fox Lake Jug Pelicans Acrylic 11×14 — $ 60
  • I See You (Tiger head) Acrylic 16×20 — $150
  • Mixed Media Collage Acrylic 16×20 — $50
  • Mixed Media Collages 1-Fox Lake 8×10 — $20
  • 3-Bird Watcher 10×10 — $20 each
  • 2-Under Water Scene 10×10 — $20 each

Beverly Connor – October 2019

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