Beer it forward with OOGA

Because it feels good to do something good.

Spread good vibes through the community one beer at a time.

Would you like to brighten the lives of others? A random act of kindness could be as simple as buying someone a beer.

The idea is simple — it’s “Pay It Forward” but with beer. Beer It Forward promotes doing good without an expectation of reciprocation.

Is there a more social beverage than beer? Beer has the ability to unite and get people talking.

Not only will you feel good when you Beer It Forward, but the person on the receiving end will appreciate it and want to share that feeling with someone else. As beer fans, we do this all the time when we share a few beers with friends.

"How does it work?" In three simple steps.

  1. Let your bartender know that you’d like to Beer It Forward
  2. Pick a description of a person to “Beer It Forward” to. It could be a firefighter, a person with a dog or whatever you want!
  3. After paying the cost of that beer, the bartender will write your person down on a Beer It Forward card and put it on the Beer It Forward board

All of the current Beer It Forwards will be on the board. Any person matching the description of the card can use it to get a free beer!

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